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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.the san francisco 49ers are going to the super bowl! the niners defeated the atlanta falcons to become n- f-c champs. we'll have highlights and coming up.
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that's the cheer of the crowds in san francisco as >> also, one man in custody after a sexual alleged of a 12 year-old. also, let us take a look at colin kaepernick what a great job he did. this will be the first super bowl since 18, 19 years
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>> already down 10-nothing. with matt ryan hooking up with julio jones. as kaepernick makes it to the ninth start for the niners won a great decision this turned out to be. there is the drive that put the falcons of 17-nothing at all hope seemed to be lost for the san francisco 49ers. as kaepernick finally passing towards reform and davis. and just as if there were going to go to 1/2 point, the falcons put together a drive-in with 80 touchdown with matt ryan, gonzales. 24-14 but the defense holds this scoreless. to bring the
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niners within three points and david acres who struggled on this his words continue. harbaugh cannot believe it. and they bounce back if they put together of the drive until michael crabtree. fumbles. they start celebrating at the georgia dome the niners come back and score on us. the most to run the ball player. the final score, 28-24 a last-minute comeback. from the team. and fourth down in the red zone. so, they are going to go to the super bowl. they will try to if joined the pittsburgh
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steelers the only franchise with se6 >> and really fan spirit is high. and as we are still finding people out in this early hour reveling in yesterday's victory. >> people are on a high note on how they had victory. full disclosure, i thought it was 17-nothing. but it was not the case. history is on our side. they have never lost. let it began. many people talking about how 02 freeze at harbaough har bowl and superbowl super some
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businesses were vandalized during the giants however, a bit more subdued this time. >> were you nervous at any point? >> i was nervous at kickoff. the score was telling the story. atlanta when they got the ball back. a little bit nervous. but the game spoke for its self. >> with all of the bay area
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teams doing so well. >> the celebration erupted. and not all of that it was all that great. >> a young girl was sexually assaulted in the mission district. rowdies 49ers brands took place to streets. he was talkin takin to the streets. once they got to be streets, the parents said to the police that she was sexually assaulted. >> it is warm for the next
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couple of days but the rainfall will return. this afternoon could provide upper 60s. five, seven degrees higher than average here is a preview 62 degrees, 60s in oakland, hayward. it is going to be a another nice day. and watching futurecast coming up in my next report. >> we are not tracking any hot spots but light traffic. still, there is an accident in the san leandro. the chp says that all lanes should be opened. traffic is still
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getting by without any problems. still, light traffic on this monday. >> 6:0 7:00 a.m. we will keep an eye on the ball the big story is the 49ers. let us hear more from the fans! memo we are fired up. >> what to do you think that this is a another victory for the forty-niners and the possibility. a family it is a great time to be in the area. [ lane ] are you growing old
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>> good morning we are keeping our eye on the weather. if you have the day off? it looks like it is a requirement. 31 degrees in napa is pretty chilly. released cold and tahoe fiord >> it is going to be gorgeous for skiing. and we have a lot going on with the 49ers. >> the first family goes to church on their special morning. it shows the president joe biden and his
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wife the stage is set and in high gear. the constitution mandates that the takes the focus on the 20th and that was yesterday. however, this morning, before the public opening there will be video of one of the most highly anticipated and watched moments will be the is the public address. we will bring that to you live. and also, political analyst, michael yaki will also be joining us.
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>> 6:12 and still ahead on the kron 4 news we have just one person that we are live on the scene with new information. >> i am so happy. if they can take this all of the way
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if >> welcome back. this man was killed and hospitalized. we have a reporter on the scene to give you more news faster jackie? >> yes, and i am at san francisco general. this second effect on according to the san francisco police there are still some details outstanding. according to the police that a round of 12:05 a.m. if they were called to a maple ave. one that they got there they discovered both males had gunshot wounds. a 41 year- old male was pronounced dead at the scene. also, a 34
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year-old male has multiple gunshot wounds but they are not considered life- threatening at this point. according to the police there is not a lot of suspect information. he is described as their white or hispanic male that fled on foot wearing a hoodie. if we give you any more information will keep this updated. >> jackie, thank you. james? >> we're also focusing on the weather with changes. let us get all of those details. >> yes. we are going to need your jacket, a and it
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is a chilly start in the east bay, offer 30's. 30's in walnut creek. and check that out as we turn our attention to the south bay, this live look at downtown san jose. told of one. san jose, 37 degrees. as we take a look at temperatures throughout the day. we are still contending with 30's along the delta. putting this into motion all of that to greenwald dominated the screen receive 60s. temperatures will drop but not nearly as fast as they did in fact 60s for most of the bay area. the afternoon highs with mid upper 60s 67
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trough in cupertino. still, that is above the seasonable average. concord let me focus our attention on oakland. 65 degrees. usually, it is warmer than usual but 60s for downtown san francisco. it will start to break apart. wet weather are round of the bay and your kron 4 7 day around the bay light weather turning towards some of precipitation for this weekend and a cool down. widespread showers for sunday. >> this is a part schedule
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update from bart... they could be experiencing computer problems. there are conflicting reports we do not expect much of a delay was also light traffic and the golden gate is also looking decent. we continue
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to monitor through san leandro. the northbound to 38 on the 88 is 0. although it has been blocked northbound but because the traffic is so light it has not created any backups. >> thank you, george. this work will begin on repairing the fender never damaged on an empty tanker swipe to the bay bridge. the crews will begin to replace the offenders that is made of steel and plastic. that is one the collision happened on a jo january 7th. clees
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collided with the average caller id should take for for five months. >> talks are talking about tearing down the 2804680. it would be replaced with an adjacent row yard to clear from a high speed rail. >> still ahead on kron 4 news president obama is going to take the oath of office before hundreds of thousands. this is a large one there is a live look of a washington
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>> 6:24. as we see the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza temperatures on the cool side. warming to the mid-60s later this afternoon and we do have the possibility of rainfall. erica will update our forecast, coming up. >> barbara walters took a
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tumble she fell on a staff and she cut her forehead. they say that she is alert and telling everybody what to do. she was kept for observation. >> if you plan on going to go to the 40 super bowl. tickets i just checked this morning they are starting at $2,100. and some of those tickets are even getting up at $315,000. meanwhile, plane tickets are also explore frontier. how much
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would you be willing to spend? >> we will be back with the top stories in the meantime let us share with you some of these comments in atlanta >> rise up and sit down you are going to go home. >> we are going to bring it! (cheers & applause)
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♪ the one and only, cheerios >> we played great. i do not
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even know how to say it, the great performance from a quarterback and many others. everybody chip in on this one and play their hearts out. >> good luck to them as they head to the super bowl. the san francisco 49ers are bound for the super bowl. they came back to defeat to the in atlanta falcons yesterday. it was torture. they will face the baltimore ravens with harbaugh vs harbaugh in the new orleans in two weeks. >> of president obama has already been officially sworn in but his public inauguration will happen at 8:30 we will be covering that live we are watching bay area weather. it is martin luther king jr. day
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and it is reflected on the bay bridge approach. >> corrected is pretty pleasant weather. yesterday, many people were inside watching that football game. and temperatures later today will climb into the mid-60s. between five, seven degrees warmer than the seasonal average. temperatures are below freezing in fairfield, santa rosa. for the afternoon, 60s and clear as we go towards tonight. tomorrow, is going to be unseasonably warm. wednesday, major changes to talk about. i will watch the futurecast and the potential for wet weather. how about two or morning commute right out at 6:31 with george. >> correct holiday light. some decent news and there
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were reports earlier of what is the commute from a bar tt problems. and a light traffic this incident in the east ave. honda 23 8/880 has been cleared according to the c h p. we are still looking at light traffic all over the bay area. on the- 238. >> the 49ers are the nfc champions this is video from there are rival last night and they arrived last night at the airport. the stage is set for brother against brother >> there is so much talk
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harbaugh vs harbaugh. paid brother john's of baltimore ravens will face the 49ers it was on thanksgiving day on 2011. they became the first game to coach against each other if. 16-6 in this will be in especially difficult for jack and jackie, the parents. jack was high school coach and the head coach for western michigan university. >> as we get ready for the 57 the inauguration. they will not be as large as there were last term. >> the swearing in is just
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hours from now but lots of activity. we can hear some music and the chairs are being set up and we are expecting 800,000 people to pack on to the national mall. moments will be the after the official business, washington has been buzzing. half the parade gets underway. the president and first lady could get out and walk somewhere on pennsylvania avenenue. then it's time for tuxedos and gowns at the inaugural the president and price president led a you wreath and what is an inauguration
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of the celebration? several continue monday night after the swearing in napa. it is part of the rich history dating back to 1789. >> ally, dwight d. eisenhower that i will faithfully execute to sur and protect and to serve, congratulations. bay issues facing bay issuebay issueand also a bih beyonce with sing the national anthem and the thrill is not there 6 out of
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10 in 2009 now 6 in ten as seen it only half of the level of excitement during the second inauguration. stick around and as we have live coverageyou'll be able to watch the inauguration ceremony live during the kron-4 morning news this morning. it will start at 8-30. and we'll also have the inaugural parade live on our 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10-35. political analyst, michael yaki will also join us. >> a quick break and leave
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you with the 49ers frank gore.. >> we have been billed for this type of game. we did not have our head it down. coach harbaugh when he came in, he brought us up to the other and told us just take one play at the time and it happened. ♪♪ ♪
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vo: for cold and flu season, honey, don't use your sleeve. there's clorox bleach. (cheers & applause) >> the first time in my entire life. >> that is an amazing perspective. >> the san francisco 49ers
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are super bowl bound will have a full coverage. >> investigators are still trying to figure out with recent problems on the 787 it streamliner. u.s. safety investigators say that the battery that caught fire on that aircraft in japan was not overcharge, as are regionally expected. they think that it could be the wiring or charging components. >> overnight, towards a new work, this commuter plane skidded off the runway in the liberty to united express there were eight passengers and it came in from of rochester and it made a really hard landing. and with the tigers blown out it skidded off the runway. he eventually, it
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made a stop at thankfully, nobody was injured. >> all eyes will be on the nasa, rover curiosity as will be drilling for the first time. less attention, " opportunity " however, rover curiosity still has made a lot of great discoveries since landing in january 20th 04. mars had more moisture than once thought. >> 6:41 that a lot more thought. >> 6:41 that a lot more comin[ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left.
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>> the san francisco 49ers for advancing. here is video of them arriving back. they will now face the baltimore ravens and in two weeks it is the first time in the history that two brothers will face each other. this live look from washington d.c.. he has already been sworn in. today, the it ceremonial swearing-in will take place. they are expected 800,000 people we will carry for it to you, live. >> one man was killed in the amazon neighborhood of naples st. one of the victims died at the scene
6:48 am
and one other is a hospital with injuries. recovering in hospital. >> thank-you, dan let us get a check of your weather in traffic. >> yes. we are getting a live look from the mount tam cam a cold start in santa rosa. richmond, not that bad. in the city. as we take a look mid upper 60s expected in the south bay. los gatos, 67 for cupertino. mid-60s. 64 degrees expected in fremont 6240 and fell. and 65 degrees for the seasonal average is about 58. 624 petaluma. the
6:49 am
satellite and radar showing the high-pressure in place is going to start to break apart when we start to see their rainfall. the futurecast 4:01 a.m. just some clouds to contend with. that morning the light rain will pick up from the santa rosa area. really, just looking for some light rain for the middle of this week. we return with the sunshine with seven day are run the bay with highlighting wet weather and certainly as we go towards a saturday, sunday the potential for wet weather. and george. >> good morning, pretty light. the only incident was in san leandro. here it
6:50 am
is the check of bridges. since we are not tracking any hot spots will start here with your right to the bay bridge. even as we approached seven, the metering lights have not been activated. highway 92 is also easy. east bound, westbound. light and easy from marin county it is easy with 101 the southbound as we take a look at the traffic maps. you can see decreeing even on highway no. 4 just a brief delay to the contra costa drive. >> we have been asking you to show you your no 49ers pride. i love of these photos have been i love
6:51 am
these pet photographs. we love of these are going into our facebook fan page. breaking news at kron 4 .com. we are talking sharks and a lot of people are really excited that hockey is back. they are back in calgary taking on the flames. they had a one goal lead. patrick marlowe, for the power play. and later, the sharks took a 2-1 lead. the three-one and dan passes that tutoria and in the third pure rpower play. sharks,
6:52 am
four-one, the final will be 4-1. and thursday, there will be and the shark tank the beginning of the six came home stretch. been a from least to water, the mavericks, we of the video for more helicopter partnership. it shows you what the conditions are like at half moon bay, yesterday. santa cruz native, received a first- place pure mehas been participating since it started mel. number-one. the second zach and third place was greg long... there was a $50,000 prize with the
6:53 am
competitors. >> first of all, i love michelle obama. (cheers & applause) and to address, the most significant event of the weekend i love her bangs.. >> and i love that he said that every wife is thinking that they want to do something like that. you have to notice that it was a big change as we can see from michelle obama she was looking terrific. and the president taking the oath it was the official swearing-in in. han th public party that we will be covering today at 8:30 >> we will see the before and the after. >> bangs. are in.
6:54 am
>> it is daring. once you do it, you do it. >> we will take a quick break and we have our south san jose camera hopefully, it will be light all day. and also, the current temperatures are chilly. and yes, there is the threat of rain fall. there, will break that down in a moment (music)
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